The patent certificate

 1-1611020925120-L  1-1611020924340-L  1-1611020923450-L   1-1610311151490-L



1-1610311151350-L  1-1610311151210-L  1-1610311150210-L   1-1610311150500-L



1-1610311150350-L   1-1610311150080-L  1-1610311149420-L   1-1610311149270-L


Halo Pharmatech is an 11-year-old pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer. To facilitate the production process of pharmaceuticals, we have been focusing on details to perfect every machine. As our team is made of creative and talented engineers, by the end of 2016, we have acquired 173 patents for our inventions, and this number will keep growing for as much as we improve every day.

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