Under the intelligent trend, capsule checkweigher market ushered in a new era

Capsule checkweigher can improve the production efficiency and drug quality, reduce the compliance cost of enterprises.   

With the strong support of national policies and the vigorous promotion of related pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, China’s capsule checkweigher industry has made a great breakthrough recently. From the present point of view, compared with foreign countries, the technology of China’s capsule checkweigher is comparable.

In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligence will be further combined with capsule checkweigher to provide greater power for the development of the pharmaceutical industry and usher in a “new era” of development. Domestic capsule checkweigher enterprises need to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, resource integration, information construction and other ways, actively layout, seeking high technology, high quality development road, in order to better in the tide of intelligence, have more competitiveness.

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