Domestic capsule checkweigher has great development potential

In recent years, with the expanding market demand for capsule checkweigher, it is expected to promote the development of medical equipment industry.

For a long time, it is mainly foreign brands that occupy this field in China. Due to technical reasons, the high-end market is basically monopolized by foreign products. In recent years, with the development of domestic capsule checkweigher technology, domestic brands have gradually shown their advantages, technological innovation, cheaper prices, reduce the use of the whole industry cost. It can be foreseen that with the development of domestic pharmaceutical industry in the future, domestic capsule checkweigher has great potential for development.

Technology is the core of the enterprise, pharmaceutical factory are very professional on capsule checkweigher requirements. Therefore, the domestic capsule checkweigher in seizing the opportunity at the same time, but also need to continue to carry out technical innovation, improve and upgrade capsule checkweigher, to meet the pharmaceutical factory high standards, high requirements.

In general, at present, the market of China’s capsule checkweigher is developing rapidly. Although the industry is in its infancy, in the future, the market of China’s capsule checkweigher is expected to develop from the basic state like more specialized and differentiated direction. In the process of transformation, equipment enterprises still need to break through the above difficulties.


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