Domestic capsule checkweigher has broken through several difficulties

Technology innovation. Technology is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Especially in pharmaceutical factories and other special environment, the requirements for capsule checkweigher are very professional. Therefore, domestic capsule checkweigher enterprises in seize the opportunity at the same time, but also carried out technological innovation, improve and upgrade equipment, to meet the high standard and high requirements of medical industry capsule checkweigher.

Energy conservation. Now, the double pressure of lowering drug price and rising cost is prevalent in pharmaceutical factories. As industry insiders say, though, saving even 1% is a big challenge. But in the fierce market competition, capsule checkweigher equipment manufacturers continue to study the search, help enterprises to achieve the goal of energy saving, reduce enterprise costs, in order to stand out from the market.

Personalized customization. Because of different pharmaceutical needs, capsule checkweigher manufacturers need to meet the needs of users with different efficiency customization.

Generally speaking, at present, China’s capsule checkweigher has developed from a basic state to a more specialized and differentiated direction.

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